Desmond Blair

1524974_10100173264224345_317609316_nDesmond Blair is a Dallas based 2D/3D artist with a background in traditional media. Desmond’s passion for art began as a child.  He spent most of his childhood focusing on learning various traditional media. Desmond attended W.E. Greiner middle school. It was here that in spite of his disability Desmond’s artistic ability and passion for art garnered nationwide attention. Desmond continued on to Dallas Skyline High School where his focus was advertising design. After graduating high school at the age of 16, Desmond went on to attend the University of Texas at Dallas where he began his studies in Art and Technology. It is here that Desmond continued to hone his traditional abilities and transfer them over to digital mediums. Desmond spent his undergrad years building his skills in the areas of traditional animation, computer programming, and analyzing new media and its effects on society.

After the completion of his bachelors in 2007, Desmond began work in the Media Department at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Desmond’s responsibilities at the hospital included  the timely production of print graphics such as logos, T-shirt designs, brochures, presentation graphics and photo re-touching. He was also responsible for photographing hospital activities, staff, and patients. During this time he also taught film and editing to a local group of high school students at the South Dallas Cultural Center’s Summer Arts Program. He was responsible for managing a group of 7 students and introducing them to film by helping them create a small documentary over the summer program. The students were introduced to creating a production pipeline, setting up interviews, trained on how to use digital video and editing equipment to present a polished production piece.

In the fall of 2007 Desmond returned to the University of Texas at Dallas to pursue his MFA in Art and Technology.  In graduate school Desmond chose to focus his studies on the development of computer graphics and the study/analysis of emerging media trends. While in grad school, Desmond worked as a Teaching Assistant for the school of Art and Technology. After graduating in Fall 2009 with his MFA, he continued teaching Introduction to 3D Modeling for Computer Animation and Lighting/Texturing 1 as and Adjunct at UT Dallas. The classes Desmond taught class focused on teaching students Hard-Surface modeling skills and introducing the fundamentals of 3D lighting and texturing. During this time, Desmond also began work as Business Analyst for UT Dallas’ First Person Cultural Trainer Team. Six months later he was promoted and hired full-time to work as a Project Manager for the UT Dallas Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering (IIAE). The goal of FPCT has been to develop a virtual world in which U.S. soldiers can perform cultural training. Desmond has hopes of working in the film/gaming/simulation industry or as an emerging media consultant. He is passionate about learning and seeks to work in an environment that continue to provide challenges and personal growth. Desmond is an analytical thinker , problem-solver, and a creative looking to apply these skills to various disciplines.


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