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“What Happened to My Music?” – Oil on Canvas 30 X 40

This piece means a lot to me because it’s like brining things full circle. I totally stopped painting and when I met Tony Walls back in 2012 he not only inspired me with his photography but he CHALLENGED me. At the time, he was working on a 365 project and he challenged me to explore the same type of project with my painting. I knew it’d be kinda rough to do 365 paintings so I decided to take on a 52 week challenge.

I finished about 30 or so pieces in one year, not all 52. But I learned two things…. 1.) It’s not about waiting until you’re perfect. Each painting had something in it and taught me a new lesson about art and about myself. I had to start the journey. 2.) In everything you do you will have your own distinctive voice. You have to learn how to embrace that voice and listen to it.

Either way, I really have to thank Tony because he re-energized me as an artist. So if you all don’t know who he is check him out!

IG: @Tonywallsmedia
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Facebook: Tony Walls Media

Music Cred: Ambition – Wale

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Dropping Soon:

Dropping Soon: “What Happened to My Music”

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2013 — Punch-Drunk

Punch-Drunk – stupefied by or as if by a series of heavy blows to the head. That was my 2013 in a nutshell. Although I enjoyed many victories last year, something was off….something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It finally took me until about a month or so ago to realize that my […]