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Countdown to Underground 2013

Countdown to Underground 2013

In about two weeks I will be participating in one of the largest art shows in the city of Dallas. Pretty crazy how all of this has
happened but I am honored to be able to show and work alongside some of Dallas’ finest. Underground is a show hosted by ArtLoveMagic for emerging artists in the DFW area.

To be considered an emerging artist is an honor. I am still pretty young and have some growing to do but I know something this major is just the beginning of good things to come. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting something to document the process leading up to the show.

My theme has shifted as i sold two of the paintings I wanted to feature but I have something else up my sleeve. Looking to push the envelope. Anyhoo, night folks.



BrainGang: What Ya Know

New video directed by one of the most talented creatives I’ve met in DFW…Jeremy Biggers. Be sure to check out his work at



“Are there days where I feel like giving up? Yup, there sure are. Are there days where I’m tired and don’t feel like it? You betcha. But I am reminded that the easiest thing to do in life is succeed. The key is to keep trying no matter how hard things get or may seem. Each challenge you encounter in life only makes you stronger. Be blessed on today folks.”


Johnny Cash Tribute – “The Hurt” — Traditional Painting

My grandmother passed recently and Johnny Cash was one of her favorite artists. I was never too big into country myself but the sounds of country music bring back warm memories of her from childhood. In the wake of her passing I thought the cover Cash did of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt” just kind of fit the mood for the way I felt the weeks leading up to and following her death. I know the story behind the cover and it combines music that my grandmother loved with music that resonates with me. (NIN fan)

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

“The Hurt”
Oil on Canvas
Size: 32″x48″
Elapsed Time: 12 Hours

Song: Johnny Cash – Hurt

Time-lapse 3D Test

Just thought I’d share something new I’m trying out this year.