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Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year folks! Got some new things in the works: 1. Dream.Conquer.Inspire Series 2. 3D Modeling Time-lapse vids 3. A new demo reel and new paintings Look forward to sharing more soon. -D.Blair 

The Progression of an Aspiring 3D Modeler: 2012 Q1 Demo Reel Complete!!!

Ran into a few snags with rendering but my newest demo reel is complete! I applied some feedback I received from some good friends and mentors while creating it. But I can really see a progression compared to the one I released in 2009. I post both of them for comparison. More work to come! I plan on dropping another one early March so stay tuned! I am really working towards landing my first gig as a 3D modeler so for future projects I will aim to push things a step further. Below you’ll see the reel from 2009 and my newest reel. Feedback is welcome!

2009 Demo Reel:

2012 Q1 Demo Reel

Demo Reel 2012 from Desmond Blair on Vimeo.



Erykah Badu Painting

Completed this a couple of weeks back for my ongoing project. This painting was done in anticipation  of her recent concert in Dallas. I love Ms.Badu and her music she has a sound that will forever be timeless. Hope you enjoy!

Erykah Badu Painting Oil on Canvas from Desmond Blair on Vimeo.


52 Weeks 52 Paintings

After a conversation with a new friend, I was challenged to a 52 week project. The goal: Create at least one small to mid-size painting a week. This idea great because I feel as though I need to continue developing my 2D skills as I work on my 3D to keep my eyes sharp. I also, feel at though its a training of sorts that should allow me to reach a new level of skill. So 2012 is all about 2D and 3D outside of work of course. But feel free you check back weekly. I have both a youtube and vimeo channel that I’ll post the vids to.

Subject matter may vary but I hope to have a pretty robust portfolio once I’m done.

Week 1: King of the Wind.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 8X10
Time: 2 hrs and 20 min

Music Credit: The Weeknd – Dirty Diana



Creative Dilemma: The Home Stretch

So you’re a creative? As are many of others out there all vying for those job opportunities that really allow talent to flourish. Here is the dilemma…The Home Stretch. You have completed school and are working relentlessly on your portfolio. You work after work, sacrifice weekends, and sleep less than the average person. People around […]