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Charlie Brown Painting Oil on Canvas

Painting was done for my grandma who is an avid Peanuts fan. I hadn’t created anything for her since I was a kid so this was a Christmas gift. Schultz was also one of my earliest influences. Hope you all enjoy.

Music Credit: Lupe Fiasco


Charlie Brown Painting Oil on Canvas from Desmond Blair on Vimeo.


Eeyore Painting Oil on Canvas

I have been waiting on my demo reel to render and during my down time I put together this painting for my cousin as a Christmas gift. Meant to post the vid a couple weeks back. Paining was a pretty good departure from all the modeling I have  been doing lately. It engages the creative mind in a different way. (Especially when listening to some jazz.)

Hope you all enjoy!

-D. Blair

Rendering in Progress

Finished the Model of my head. Will return once I finish rendering everything. 2012 will be a good year.

Ever So Close…..3D Self Portrait Updates 12/5-12/9

Updated renders from my current modeling project… ME! :D Still some work to be done but its getting there!

Doesn’t matter how much talent you have if you stop going or give up.